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We are looking forward to another great season as ACE of Hattiesburg!!! Please notate the all of our teams are "Fluid" and athletes may and/or will be moved up or down based on progressions and/or regressions throughout the season. With so much talent, we are very eager to see what teams we will have this season. So Get Ready. ACE OF HATTIESBURG is going to ROCK!! 
Go Tribe!!

If you have any questions, please contact Brandon Roberts at

ACE of Hattiesburg


Welcome to the 2017-2018 ACE Tribe Family. We are very excited about all of our teams. I want to take a few minutes to introduce myself and also to give you important information.


Brandon Roberts –Owner of ACE Cheer Company: As a graduate of the University of South Mississippi and with over 18 years of cheer and dance experience at both the high school and collegiate level. Over the past 6 years Brandon Roberts, Happy Hooper and Jr Zeringe have grown ACE Cheer Company into the largest All-Star Cheerleading and Dance program in the Southeast. Brandon has coached and choreographed High School and All-Star teams throughout Southeast to many National Championships. With a knack for choreography, tumbling and vision, Brandon takes every moment as a blank canvas that he gets to put his paint his mark. Brandon has traveled across the United States judging for several different cheer events, both regionally and nationally, including Athletic Championships, Cheersport, Varsity Brands, Jam Brands, Mississippi High School and Private School Athletic Associations. Currently serving on the National Advisory Board for the United States All-Star Cheerleading Federation and the coach of The University of Southern Mississippi, Brandon is excited to work with each of your athletes.


New Age Grid- We had some parents upset because their athlete was not placed on a certain team this year.  We explained that this year there are NEW division requirements for certain levels.  Mainly to be on a senior team you MUST be at least 10!  If you are younger than 10 you are not allowed to be on a senior team. To be eligible for a Worlds 5 Team your athlete must be 12.


Senior Team- Being on a senior team does NOT mean a better team. Several parents are concerned because their athlete was on a senior team in previous years but has now been moved “down” to a younger team.  In no way does being on a team with your athletes like ages mean that your athlete has been moved down.  It simply means that we were able to form a team that includes your athlete and other athletes similar in age and level. Which translates to a stronger program. 


Years at a level- There is no set rhyme or reason to years at a level. I do not know why but more and more with each year a larger number of parents are upset because they have already done a year at level 3 or level 4 and so on.  There are 5 levels in cheerleading (excluding college). So for some parents they must feel that there should only be five years worth of cheering? We begin at age 3 so by 8 for an athlete to be finished is not feasible nor safe. Why is it not ok if your son/daughter is a level 2 for life? In the past we had athletes that loved being level 2.  They owned Junior level 3. The parents of those athletes were excited and proud for year after year to be a Rubie mom! It is OK for your athlete to be a MARVELOUS Level (any) athlete.


When parents try to push their athlete into a level it is usually followed with mental blocks. It is possible to improve each year within a level.  There are so many elements that make this sport so unique in each level so why not inspire your child to be the best that he or she can be at any level?


Positions (TOP GIRL) within a team- You are NOT guaranteed a certain spot (top) on any team.  Each athlete must earn their spot on the team. We do not support the philosophy that any athlete is above any other on the team.  This is a TEAM sport and a team is comprised of many members.  Your athlete will be a better more rounded athlete if they spend a year as a base.  Most all athletes on Chiefs have based at some point during their ACE careers.  I truly believe that basing and being a back makes you a stronger top as you get the true feeling of what each position entails.

Teams are FLUID- Teams are fluid at ACE.  If you feel that your athlete should have been placed on a different team you have every right to speak/meet with your All-Star Director to find out why your athlete was placed on said team. 

Absences from the team or tumbling practice: If you have a school function that you have informed me about or are throwing up and/or have a fever you will be excused from practice. Any other absences must have my approval. Please do not call me the day of practice to tell me you can’t make it when it is something you have known about for a while. We plan every practice carefully and what we do is dependent on who is at practice. If you have 3 tardies to practice it is an unexcused absence. WE MUST HAVE EVERYONE AT PRACTICE TO SAFELY STUNT AND HAVE A SUCCESSFUL COMPETITIVE SEASON.


We feel that all elements of cheerleading are equally as important; being clean, jumps and motions, flexibility, dance, tumble, stunts and TEAM WORK. The stronger and more in shape your child is the easier it will be for them to perform the skills needed for our division. It is most rewarding to see the athlete’s progression and develop as and individual and cheerleader. We promise to motivate and push your children to be the best cheerleaders they can be.


The key to a successful team is TEAM WORK. It takes RESPECT, HARD WORK, and DEDICATION on the part of ALL the athletes, coaches and parents.



Level: Senior Large All-Girl Level 5

Coaches: Brandon, Carlos, Johnny

Team Practices:

  • Wednesday 6pm-9pm
  • Sunday 4pm-7pm 


Level: Senior Large All-Girl Level 3

Coaches: Sloane, Brandon, Melissa, Cheryl, Xavier 

Team Practices:

  • Monday 8pm-9pm (Team Tumbling) 
  • Tuesday 7pm-9pm
  • Sunday 2pm-4pm


Level: Large Junior Level 2

Coaches: Johnny, Brandon, Cheryl, Dakota 

Team Practices:

  • Monday 6pm-8pm
  • Thursday 7pm-8pm (Team Tumbling) 
  • Sunday 2:30pm-4:30pm 


Level: Junior Level 1

Coaches: Deanna, Carlos, Brandon  

Team Practices: 

  • Tuesday 5pm-7pm
  • Thursday 5pm-6pm (Team Tumbling) 
  • Sunday 2pm-4pm


Level: Junior Level 2 Prep 

Coaches: Carlos, Brandon

Team Practices: 

  • Monday 5pm-7pm
  • Thursday 5pm-6pm (Team Tumbling) 
  • Thursday 6pm-8pm

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