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Welcome to the Tribe
Welcome to ACE of Rainsville!
formerly known as Maxim Athletics! 

We offer tumbling classes, stunt classes, team training for school squads, as well as a competitive cheer program.

ACE not only provides an excellent source of physical fitness for your child, but also an abundance of lifelong skills. ACE athletes learn to set goals and work hard to obtain those goals, building a strong work ethic for the future. They learn and master the concept of teamwork, and in doing so, form lifelong friendships with others who are equally focused and determined to succeed. ACE is focused on developing the lifelong success of the athlete, not on merely winning championships. In that aspect, ACE can truly say that we are not only winning championships, but building champions.

Our tumbling classes are organized on a level system and have been redesigned to help build a more complete tumbler. We stress and emphasize proper progressions and techniques. We want to ensure that your child is acquiring skills safely and properly. Our classes are offered for both male and female athletes ages 3 and up, and cover all levels of ability.

ACE cheer company is world famous and is known as one of the largest and most prestigious cheer leading and dance companies in the industry. Here at the Rainsville location, we are proud to be a part of that legacy and look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience in the cheer industry with our current and future athletes! 

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High School Cheer Tryouts
Hello everyone, it is getting close for the tryout season to start and we have classes or private lessons just for that. If anyone is interested please stop the gym, call Bill at 256-390-7096 or call the gym after 4:30pm. We offer a back handspring class on Wed. nights at 5:30pm. This class is just strictly standing and roundoff back handsprings. Thanks and Go Tribe.
Winter Session


New Winter Classes and Prices!  Our Winter season is a 12 week session. Payments can be made in full, split into two or can be made monthly. Hope to see everyone soon. Go Tribe


Tumble Katz class (Ages 2-5) First Child :   $135.00 full session payment/ 2nd Child: $100.00    

                                                                        $70.00 half session payments/ 2nd Child: $52.00           

                                                                        $50.00 monthly payments/      2nd Child: $38.00


Level 1-5

Tumbling Classes (Ages 5 and up)First Child:    $150.00 full session payment/ 2nd Child: $130.00

                                                                              $80.00    half session payments/ 2nd Child: $70.00

                                                                              $55.00  monthly payments/ 2nd Child: $45.00



Coed Stunt Class: (Ages 16 and up)                     $150.00 full session payment/ 2nd Child: $130.00

                                                                              $80.00    half session payments/ 2nd Child: $70.00

                                                                              $55.00  monthly payments/ 2nd Child: $45.00


*New School Tryout Prep Class                          $25.00 for 4 sessions



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Member Gym of USASF the national governing body of Competitive Cheer.
Certified Staff by USASF.
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