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Question: Why choose ACE over any other program?

This question is best answered from a mom’s perspective of what my daughter has learned over the past seven years as an ACE athlete, teammate and competitor.

She has learned hard work and perseverance. It means showing up at practice, and sometimes, practicing a skill over and over, knowing it will translate into a new or perfected skill. The individual skills are then choreographed into a team performance. Sometimes those performances lead to national championships, even a world championship. She knows what it takes to persevere and improve and never give up.

She has learned teamwork. Being on a team, she has learned to be disciplined during practice and how to have patience when the going gets tough. Building on a strong team work ethic, each member of the team is valued, translating to courage and confidence.

She has learned respect. Dedicated and skilled coaches can have an amazing impact on children. Athletes learn to respect and honor their coach and coach’s decisions. I can say, without reservation, all of her ACE coaches have been excellent mentors.

She has learned discipline and organization. She has learned to balance school work and athletics, fostering a strong work ethic, even through the tough academic years of high school. She learned early on to organize her homework schedule so that she could be at practices and competitions.

She has learned about true friendship. Kids come from all over our region to participate at ACE. They are from different schools and different backgrounds. This has led to genuine friendships. Traveling to competitions also provides unique bonding experiences. She loves her teammates and they will always share a lifelong bond.

She has learned about pride. ACE is respected as one of the best all-star cheerleading companies in the nation. When we travel to competitions, the kids (and parents!) wear their ACE gear with such pride. ACE teams are taught and encouraged to always be classy and respectful.

As a parent, it’s great to see your child discover and pursue a sport they love. It’s even more gratifying to know they’ve experienced that sport and their passion through a first-class organization. We will forever be grateful to the entire ACE family for this experience. My mantra is, and always will be, it’s so much more than cheerleading…

Proud ACE Mom


Question: Why choose ACE over any other program?
That's easy..... the staff. They are experts in all areas of All-star Cheerleading and gymnastics with credentials and experience that cannot be matched, the number of National Championships prove this. But most importantly are the values, morals and work ethic they help instill in our children. They not only train our children in cheerleading and gymnastics they help give them the tools to be successful in life, outside of the gym. The staff genuinely cares for our children and it is exhibited in a "family like" atmosphere. You can go anywhere and get great facilities and equipment, but you cannot find coaches more willing to invest their time and lives into growing your child and helping them achieve their goals than at ACE. If you are looking for an excellent gymnastics and/or All-star program, ACE should be your first choice- everything else is second best.



Question: Why choose ACE over any other program?
Recently, more than ever, we've been asked the question , "Why did you choose ACE"? Our answer is always very simple..."Because ACE is the best". We don't mean it to be arrogant, we don't mean it to belittle other gyms. But we do mean it.....ACE is the best. ACE has been a part of our daughter's life since she was 4 years old. That means that for the past 9 years of our lives we have spent the majority of our time at the ACE gym or traveling with the company. Happy, the coaches, and her teammates are like family. We have made friendships that will last a lifetime and it is all because one man wanted to share his love for the sport of cheerleading. Many sacrifices have been made in our family so that our daughter can train with the best coaches in the country. I recently shared with someone that Happy Hooper has helped raise our daughter. He and the staff at ACE have reinforced the values, commitment, and work ethic that my husband and I want to instill in her. ACE provides an opportunity for her, at the age of 12, to be a part of something bigger than she can possibly imagine. My daughter loves ACE and everything that it stands for. It has been, and will continue to be a learning and growing process for her, however we know that when she walks in the doors at ACE she is treated with respect, she is treated fairly, she is expected to be her best, and my husband and I trust that Happy and his staff will prepare her to be successful on and off the mat. She has learned many life lessons on that blue mat and there is no doubt she will learn many more. Two and a half minutes sounds like a short amount of time considering the dedication and hard work that goes in to a routine. But for those two and half minutes when the lights are on, the crowd is cheering, and we see the smile on her face and the ACE across her chest....well, it's easy to answer "Why ACE?" Because they are the best and ACE is our family.

Rookie & Michelle

Question: Why choose ACE over any other program?
There is an overwhelming presence of a “family” at ACE. This is the reason why we chose to make ACE our home. The coaching is one of a kind and the athletes are taught good sportsmanlike behavior. They are role models and have a true dedication to each team. They are constantly motivating, developing and instilling good moral character. This in turn builds the athletes confidence to succeed. Not only in the gym but in school and at home.

Ann Marie


Question: Why choose ACE over any other program?
We initially chose ACE of Atlanta because my seven year-old daughter expressed an interest in tumbling. Since joining in August of 2011, she has progressed from a Level 2 tumbler to Level 4. She has also participated on several of ACE’s competitive cheer teams and she couldn’t be happier. The ACE staff has been extremely supportive and attentive to all of our needs and concerns. We are very proud to be part of the ACE family!

Let me know if this is sufficient. A little cheesy, but I guess that’s the point J.

Shannon J. Harris