All-Star Information

ACE of Hattiesburg Team Selection Information

Please follow the links above to review all Documents and Handbooks for full details regarding our 2024-2025 All-Star Program


Athlete All-Star Sign Ups: Begins April 1st through May 11th

Early Registration Dates – April 1st-30th (Complete registration, financial contract, and pay team selection ($135) fee by April 30th and receive a one-time $25 credit on your ACE account)


ACE of Hattiesburg uses a three step process throughout our team sign ups and selections. 

  • Athlete Evaluations: Any Day  May 8-10th (4pm-7pm) & May 11th (9am-1pm) – Tumbling, Jumps and Motions. Athletes will perform a routine of tumbling and jump skills in an organized setting. 
  • Stunt and Group Evaluations (May 13th-16th) – Assigned on May 12th  Athletes will practice in a group setting with similar aged/skilled athletes. Tumbling and Stunting combinations will be evaluated.Your athletes may or may not be moved from a team to another due to their stunting and/or tumbling ability and the needs of the team(s). 


Team Announcements: May 17th

  • Initial team placements will be announced via email on file.
  • Any issues with team placements should be handled by contacting Brandon Roberts.


Do I need any experience to become an ACE All-Star?

No, our leveling system allows for athletes of all skills sets and ages to compete with a team.

Do all athletes make a team?

Yes, We have a place for all athletes.

What is a Novice team?

These teams are designed for the family of athletes who:

  • want to be on a team but do not want the practice or travel commitment
  • are new or learning the sport of competitive cheer

This is a great option for the athlete who wants ACE to help develop their skills for a try out with a rec or non-competitive school program.

  • Levels are not guaranteed
  • Practices are fun and foundation learning
  • Expectations are for your athlete to grow and improve within our discipline
  • Attendance guidelines adhere but are loosened
What is a Prep team?

Designed for the athlete and family that is ready to make a full year commitment to a team but may need more skill development to be fully prepared for an elite level team.

This is a great option for the athlete who wants ACE to help prepare them for their upcoming school cheer tryouts.

  • Levels are not guaranteed
  • Practices are less intense than elite
  • Expectations are for your athlete to grow and improve within our discipline
  • Attendance guidelines adhere
What team will my athlete be on?

If you choose to only be on a Novice team then your athlete will be placed on a novice team only. If you choose to be on a Prep, Elite or Worlds team, then your athlete will be placed on the team that best fits their skill set.

Are tumbling classes included in tuition?

All athletes will get one tumbling class included in their monthly tuition fees. You may add additional classes at a discounted rate.

Is there a discount if I pay in full?

Yes, the discount is 15% off of your total years monthly tuition portion. Please see our handbook for a list of all discounts.

When will I know what team I am on?

All Team announcements will be May 17th. You will receive an email with what team your athlete has been placed on.

When will practices start?

Official Team Practices will begin the week of May 20-22nd.

Will we practice on Sundays in the summertime?

No, we will have no Sunday practice during the months of June and July. Your athletes practice times will be during the week.

We have school cheer, can we do both?

Yes, we encourage our athletes to do both school and all-star cheer. We work around school schedules as much as we can and excuse your absence if you miss a practice. Please note if you are on a National or Worlds team we ask for schools to work with us as to ensure nothing over laps. – Additional discounts are given to athletes who train both at ACE with their School Program and on an  ACE All-Star Cheer team.