Pre-Team/Bronze Gymnastics Class— This beginner gymnastics class for children ages 6-13 focuses on the basics of gymnastics such as: beginner tumbling, learning how to properly access the beam, bars, and vault. If your child is new to gymnastics, consider signing up for this class to get started!

3-5 Year Old Gymnastics Class— Want your child to get started early in gymnastics? This class is the perfect fit! In this class, your child will begin to learn simple skills that will prepare he or she for Pre-Team! Some fun activities your child might participate in is: basic tumbling (forward roll, cartwheel, back bend, etc.), assisted walking on the low beam, assisted bar basics, and the art of body control (jumping on the trampoline). This class provides a safe and fun way to get your child involved in gymnastics at an early age!

Ninja Warriors Class (Boys Gymnastics)— If your son is interested in gymnastics, don’t worry! This is the perfect class! In this class, your child will learn a variety of skills dealing with balance, strength, and coordination. Activities such as climbing a rope, jumping on the trampoline, walking on the beam, and swinging from the bars are presented within this class!


Level 1— Level 1 tumbling will focus on the basics of tumbling. If your child has had little to no experience in tumbling, Level 1 may be just the right starting point!

Level 2— Level 2 tumbling is the starting class for back handsprings. In this class, your child will apply what he or she has learned in Level 1 to more difficult skills. This class will focus on technique and consistency!

Level 3— Level 3 tumbling introduces new skills such as combination passes with back hand springs and back tucks. One might learn standing passes and running passes that involve multiple skills.

Level 4 & 5— Level 4 & 5 tumbling is the most advanced class offered. The skills in this class include specialty passes, layouts, and fulls. There is a guaranteed challenge within this class as an individual learns new skills to put with others he or she has learned from Levels 1-3.

Cheer Tumble– Cheer Tumble involves multiple skills used for competitive and school cheerleading. In this class, one might learn or work on tumbling skills according to his or her abilities, jumps, motions, or even the combination of all three. If your child is interested in becoming a cheerleader, Cheer Tumble would be a great start!

*Your child will be evaluated regularly in order to recognize progression within the tumbling classes. If he or she completes the checklist of the class he or she is in, the instructor will discuss moving your child up to the next level class.