ACE of Hattiesburg



The safety, security, and well-being of our customers, staff, and community remains our top priority. We will continue to daily monitor and follow all protocols recommended by the CDC, WHO and government.


Classes will be offered Monday – Thursday & Sunday.  Classes will be 55 minutes long, using the last 5 mins to prep for the next class.  Classes will be limited from 6 to 10 athletes per class. 



  • ACE of Hattiesburg is cleaned daily both upon opening the gym and closing the gym every night. 
  • Gym cleaning includes wiping down of all touchable surfaces with disinfectant wipes and/or spray, along with bombing the gym with an air solution that disinfects large areas. Upon the completion of a class we will wipe down the used mats with our disinfecting solutions, before beginning our next class. Other daily cleaning items such as vacuuming, dusting, ect are done on a bi-weekly basis. 



  • Athletes do not enter the gym more than 10 minutes prior to class and exit the gym once your classes are finished.
  • All staff and athletes’ temperatures will be checked before entering the gym. Any staff and/or athlete with a fever of 100.4 or higher will not be allowed in the gym. If any staff or athlete is sick they must stay home. 

  • Hand sanitizer will be placed at all points of entry and exit, and throughout the gym floor for individual use. 
  • Individuals shall be required to sanitize their hands upon entry into and exit from the gym.
  • Water fountains will be shut down and we ask for your athletes to bring a water bottle to their class. 
  • Tribe Nutrition will be open daily for the sale of drinks.
  • If you need to speak to the front desk, please do so by email or phone and not form lines in the gym during your athletes class.


  • All Staff will be required to wear a mask, unless fully vaccinated. However, all staff are encouraged to wear a mask, even if vaccinated.
  • All athletes are encouraged to wear a mask. We will have masks at the front desk for anyone who needs one.
  • Parents and Spectators who are not fully vaccinated are required to wear a mask while inside our facility. 

Make-Up Classes: 

  • If an athlete is sent home or misses a class due to exposure and/or contracting the virus, we provide make-up classes at the end of each month that your athlete may partake in.  If the make-up class falls within a case occurring, we will provide additional opportunities for the class to be made up and/or the athlete may wait until the next month’s makeup session. 

Exposure: There are two types of exposures according to the CDC and the local health departments. Definitions and policies for each are listed below. 

        1. High Risk Exposures: 

    • You have had a “High Risk Exposure”, if you have been around an infected person less than 6 feet in distance for more than 15 minutes of exposure. 
    • You are also a “High Risk Exposure” if you had a household exposure. (Household exposure is the highest risk exposure.) 
    • In the event an athlete and/or staff member is “Exposed” and it is deemed “High Risk Exposure” please notify the ACE of Hattiesburg Admin office immediately at
      • If your athlete has experienced a “High Risk Exposure” they may return the to gym when: 
        • 10 Days symptom free.  – NO test Required 
          • OR –
      • 7 Days symptom free with a negative COVID test. Please email a picture of the negative test result. We ask that you wait until day 5 of being symptom free for taking any test. 

        2. Secondary Exposures: 

    • Secondary exposure is when a person has had a close contact exposure to someone who was in a “High Risk Exposure” situation. EX: Sally and Billy went to the movies on Friday. Both can drive so they met at the movies. Sallys mom tested positive on Saturday. Billy has experienced a “Secondary Exposure,” whereas Sally has experienced a “High Risk Exposure.”
    • If you have experienced a secondary exposure, self-quarantine is not necessary. You should monitor for signs/symptoms, practice good hygiene, and if that person you were in close contact with test positive, get tested and follow the “High Risk Exposure” policies.  

All-Star and Class Closings: 

  • We will make the best decision on canceling practices and classes, if necessary, based on a case-by-case scenario. We will not cancel an entire team’s practice or class due to an individual’s exposure. We will follow each of the policies listed above.  
  • In the event an athlete tests positive within 24 hours of being at the gym, that class/team, any anyone who was in close contact with the individual, will be notified immediately.  Please notate that we will NOT disclose the identity of the individual(s), so please do not ask. 

**This document is subject to additions and/or changes of procedures as we continue to navigate through the Covid-19 Pandemic. **